What If There Was A Better Drinking Water Filtration System?

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A family of 4 can spent up to $600 a year on inferior chemically laden bottled waters.
YOU pay 1900 times more for Bottled Waters then from the tap. And almost ALL Bottled Waters are very very ACIDIC.
And TAP water is actually healthier even with all the Cancer causing poisons that are in it.
The Plastic the bottles are made from comes from OIL !
At 90 degrees all the Cancer Carcinogens Leach out of the plastic and into your water…
Cancer is a Fungus and Thrive and Grow in Acidic conditions in your body.
So “YOU” pay to get Cancer? REALLY ?

FACT ! Drinking water from Plastic Bottles causes CANCER!
We all know that…

Most people are drinking the very thing that is making them so very ill.

Have you ever thought about how much MONEY you spend on Bottled Waters?

We have… Over $500 a year when we used to buy that poison.

The New NIKKEN Alkaline Water System is the very best system made today.

~~REMOVE Toxins like : Heavy Metals (Lead Mercury Aluminum Barium Strontium) , Pharmaceutical Drugs , Chlorine, Bromine , Fluoride, Chloramine , Ammonia , VOC’S , Pesticides , Insecticides , Fertilizers , Herbicides…

Then our amazing systems :
Adds Primary Minerals , Boosts Alkalinity ( 9.0 ) , Structures or DE-Clusters and Ionizes TAP water all at about 10-20 cents a GALLON !
It won a Gold Seal Award from The NSF ..
One of the only systems that have received this award,,,

NSF Standard 42
Reduction of chlorine, chloramine,
taste and odor
NSF Standard 53
Reduction of mercury, VOCs
NSF Standard 372
Lead compliance

Wholesale available !
and it is PORTABLE and Needs no electricity…In Case of an EMERGENCY and ALL power goes off Your family will be able to drink safe clean water.

Get yours today RETAIL or WHOLESALE
by clicking this LINK —►http://www.nikken.com/EarthPatriot/sh…

We are SAVING the Earth by not polluting it with plastic bottles and we save money and DRINK the healthiest water on Earth….
How great is that?

And we are up-sizing and looking for partners…

We are looking for people who are entrepreneurial , who love to help change people’s lives for the better , who want more money , more free time and want to live in the healthiest environment possible.
Do you know someone I should be talking to?
Is this for you?

My Website is : http://EarthPatriot.info/

My direct is 979-921-0311 in Texas
Call anytime..
Thank you

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