Virtual Tour of RI Resource Recovery Corporation (Entire Facility)

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Ever wonder what happens to your recycling when it leaves the curb? Your leaf and yard debris? Your trash? Ever wonder if you can recycle more than what goes in your bin? Or what to do with a substance labeled with words like “flammable,” “combustible,” “toxic” or “poison?” In this video you’ll get a complete tour of the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation – owner and operator of the RI’s central waste facilities.

For everything you need to know about RI’s recycling program, please visit us at

Always contact your Department of Public Works about bulky/special recycling first, to see what your local options are for these items. You can find their contact information at For a list of everything we accept in our small vehicle area, please visit us at

For a list of the materials we accept, a calendar of collection dates and an online form for making an appointment, please visit us at

To find out more about the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation please visit us at

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