VIDEO: How to Install Bar’s Leaks Liquid Copper Block Seal (p/n 1109)

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Here’s a straightforward video tutorial on how to install our famous Bar’s Leaks Liquid Copper Block Seal (p/n 1109).

This one-step formula permanently repairs larger leaks in radiators, intake manifolds & gaskets, heater cores, blocks, heads and freeze plugs. Use on cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s and RV’s. One “1″ Step Sealer contains an antifreeze compatible sodium silicate liquid glass formula, so no draining of the cooling system is required. It will not harm the cooling system when used properly. Use with all types of 50-50 mix antifreeze including conventional green or blue (Silicate-based) and extended life red/orange or yellow (OAT /HOAT) coolant.

If you have any questions about this product, contact us at 800-345-6572 x204 (ask for Fred) or drop us an email at ‘support’. Thanks for watching!

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