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The toothpaste production line includes the machines like tubes filling sealing machine/ boxing machinery as well as the heat shrink packaging machinery,which should be listed as follow:
The tube filling and sealing machine should work together with the water chiller. The water is used for cool the bottom after heating and sealing it. It can make the bottom of the tube solid and beautiful.
The smooth surface of machine has no dead angle and easy for cleaning. The materials completely contact with stainless steel and comply with GMP standard.
1. Voltage: AC220V/50HZ±10%
2. Power: main 3kw electric heating
3. Filling Capacity: 3000-4200 tubes/hour
4. Quantity Error: less than 2%
5. Compressed Air: pressure 0.6 Mpa/cm2
6. Dimension: 1650mm X 1200mm x 1200mm
7. Weight: 600kg
Boxing machine automatic
automatic paper-folding packing machine can fold products instruction or certificate and then pack it into carton with single product, realizing automatic packing. It can be used in medicine, cosmetics, adhesives automatic packing. Paper-folding, falling carton, opening carton, packing and sealing, the serial actions are continuously and steadily realized. This machine produces rapidly, has fine appearance, smooth operation, high automization.
Main features
previous machine to form production line.
Main Technical Parameters:
1.Speed: ≤100 pcs/min
2. Main motor rate: 1.5kw
3.Instruction size: 85×50-300×200
4.Carton size: 110×22×22 -220×50×45
5.Dimension size: 4290×1135×1500mm
heat shrink packing machinery PE film
products automatically shrink packaging in mass production. Delivering canbe decided to net style or roll pole style. The machine is suitable for environmental protection material and anti-environmental protection shrink film. Work process: automatically mantle, automatically cut and seal, automatically deliver, automatically shrink.
Power supply:380V50HZ
Power: 16KW
Max. packing size(mm):450*270*350mm
Loading capacity:25 KG
Speed:0-10 M/meter adjustable
Temperature:0-300 degree adjustable
Outside size of machine:3500*850*1990mm
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