Small Aerosol Can Filling Machine 1600AT

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1600AT Universal Small Automation Aerosol Filling Machine Operation Video

Manual Mode & Auto Mode

Screw Bottle Pusher System

Automatic liquid filling & crimping & gas filling

1600AT Aerosol Machine General Description:

1600AT aerosol machine is a new design automatic aerosol filling on the basis of 1600A. It consist of liquid filler, valver inserter, sealing machine, gas filler. Use the screw bottles pusher instead manual work. It has two working model: manually intermittent filling and automatic intermittent filling. Intermittent time is adjustable, very flexible and efficient.

This aerosol machine line also can equipped with automatic can arrange machine, nozzle presser, cap presser, ink jet printer and packing table. At the current stage, aerosol industry have rapidly developed and the pre-vacuum sealing function can customized.

Aerosol machine has been widely used for daily chemical, auto-care, household-care, food and pharmaceutical industry. Filling moisture spray, wax board, carburetor cleaner, air fresher, spray paint, butane gas cartridge, propane cans etc.

Technical Parameters:

Outline size (length*width*height)mm 1200*800*2000
Production speed/hr 800-1800
Liquid volume(ml) 10-1000
Gas volume(ml) 10-750
Filling accuracy +/_1%
Applicable aerosol can diameter(mm) 35-65
Applicable aerosol can height(mm) 70-330
valve(mm) 25.4(1 inch)
Air source(Mpa) 0.75-0.9
Max air consumption(m^3/min) 1.3

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