Semi Automatic Aerosol Can Filling Machine 1600B

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1600B Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine Operation Video

Single liquid filling machine, crimping machine, gas filling machine

1600B Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine General Description:

1600B Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machine is consist of a single liquid filling machine, a crimping machine and a gas filling machine, with three workbenches. The machine can be used for filling LPG, Freon, DME, R134a, and many kinds of non-corrosive & liquidifiable gas, it is a ideal choice for small and medium sized aerosol products manufacturers.

Technical Parameters:

Outline (L*W*H) (mm) 1000*600*1500
Capacity (cans/hr) 600-1000
Liquid fill (ml) 50-1000 (customizable)
Gas fill (ml) 20-500 (customizable)
Repeated filling accuracy 0.5%
Diameter of cans (mm) 35-65 (customizable)
Height of aerosol can (mm) 80-350 (customizable)
Valve (mm) 25.4 (1 inch)
Working pressure (MPa) 0.65-1
Max. gas consumption (m^3/min) 1

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