Renegade is a 3D-Printing Pen that works by recyling Plastic Bottles, Files and Bags

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Renegade is a kickstarter project for creating 3D-printing pen that works by recyling household plastic waste like plastic bottles, files and bags.

The idea was born out of a concern for the environment as well as a frustration with the cost of filament for standard 3D printing pens. The pen itself is made from durable aluminum with a powerful drive motor and gearbox that allow for the smooth feeding of plastic strips, which are created with the ChupaCut – a cute, smiley-faced contraption that shreds plastic bottles into 3, 6, 9, or 12 mm pieces to be used in lieu of filament.
Read more details about Renegade 3D pen from its kickstarter campaign page at
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