perfume filling machine manual caps crimping semi automatic filling capping line for perfume glass

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perfume filling machine caps crimping machine semi automatic filling capping line for perfume glass
Semi automatic line for perfume filling capping line with irregular square caps
①Perfume filling machine
YX Series four heads perfume filling machine (one head and four heads) is negative pressure
semi-auto filling machine which mainly used in liquid products such as toilet, water, perfume etc.
PLC controller.
This machine has the feature of compact structure, rationality, simple operation and convenient maintenance
and also the performance of fixing the surface and counting.

The height of surface can be adjusted. Components and parts which touched will adopts304 stainless steel.
It suitable for the glass bottle, plastic bottle which draw out vacuum and uneasy to distortion.

Generally, it has two kinds: common one and explosion resistant one. When customer order it,

please point out which one you want.
Explosion resistant ones or adopts explosion resistant measure. Other part of the machine is same.
Main Technology Parameters of 4 heads vacuum filling:
Bottle height less than 250 mm
Bottle Mouth Maximum Diameter less than 20 mm
Minimum Diameter more than 4.5 mm
Filling volume 5-5000ml

Adjustable liquid High-Level (Away from the bottle) 26-50 mm
Profile Dimensions (Excluding liquid storage bottle) L×W×H 660×470×1330mm
Adaptable environment temperature (0—30) °C
Power 3AC 380V (cas for your requirement)
Vacuum pump XD-020(Explosion-proof type2X-4A)
Pumping rate 5.5(Explosion-proof type 4) L/second
Motor power 0.75kw

②perfume crimping machine pneumatic perfume caps crimping equipment
perfume bottle capping crimping machine.jpg
The perfume capping machine is a kind of clamping type cap closing machine.It is suitable for cap closing of spray caps,
The machne uses the clamp to close the cap and fasten it on the edge of bottle mouth.
The whole machine is composed of machine body,table surface,clamping device and pneumatic control system.

Technical parameter of perfume crimping machine
1)External dimensions 500W*380L*700H(mm)
2)Weight 12KG
3)Air requirement 0.4 ~0.6MPa
4)Applicable bottle size height 30~300mm width 15~100mm
5)Perfume capping standard value 4~8kg/cm

For more information about semi automatic line for 7 ml perfume line with inner plugger ,
please browse the business youtube site as below:

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