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ANOUSTA Face Cleanser is a high quality cleanser and when used in conjunction with an ANOUSTA Moisturiser then you will start to see the results that you want. Poor quality commercial cheap Face Cleansers will only dry out your skin.

We really do recommend you use both ANOUSTA Face Cleanser and ANOUSTA Moisturiser to get the results that you are looking for. Please do put aside the cheap poor quality products that you may have been using and start the programme to give you the skin that you want and deserve. You do NOT have to put up with dry skin.

This popular soothing wash-off lotion is creamy, light and perfect for all ages and skin types. Used by men and women, its cleansing action removes deep ingrained grime leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Use it to remove eye make-up too!

No stinging, no oil in the eye problems, and no dryness after the make up remover has been rinsed off the face. It evens out skin tone, smoothes any blotchiness on the skin and allows your skin to start to bloom again. Helps spotty skin to quickly settle down.

Lightly scented with Essential Oils of Lemon and exotic Ylang Ylang…. it’s an island of calmness and pleasure.

If you know that you may be sensitive to either of these essential oils but would still like to use the Wash off Cleanser, please call us or email us and ask us to provide you a cleanser WITHOUT the essential oils. No problem!

Many people come in to our shop saying they have sensitive skin and then tell us they are using the wipes to take make up off with or any of the popular ranges of make up remover availble in chemists or department stores. We point out to them some of the ingredients in these products and suggest they try the Anousta Cleanser, Rose Toner, and an ANOUSTA Moisturiser (you have 5 sorts to choose from!) they will see a huge improvement in their skin within 28 days or less. If they use all the products they have bought from us and they honestly can say they cannot see an improvement, they can return their empty bottles and we will refund them. We are THAT confident!

If there is Acne (Vulgaris or Rosacea types) present, PLEASE talk to us and we can explain about the use of the Silver Gel on the skin after cleansing.

The Wash off cleanser and the Silver Shield gel has done wonderful things on so many faces (young and old) we have seen in the last 2 years and it is a joy to tell others about the positive feedback we have had.

No need to take antibiotics anymore for Acne. Talk to us and we can explain more.


With oils of Jojoba and Castor Oil, this cleanser is unique. The Castor Oil aids the skin by getting in to the deeper layers and drawing the dirt, old make up and daily grime away from the skin. The rich Cocoa Butter gives allows the lotion to have a beautiful “slip” or ease of application when wiping across the skin and makes sure the skin is left soft and supple after use. Natural Vitamin E (not the ineffective synthetic sort) is added to this delightful mix to calm and soothe the skin. Jojoba Oil is really a wax, not an oil, and has always been used by Native Americans in skincare. It needs little or no refining and is naturally antibacterial, healing and anti- inflammatory so ideal for cleaning and helping to heal any slight inflammation in the skin. Organic Jojoba is similar to one’s own natural collagen present in your skin and is rich in Vitamin E, B complex, Silica , Zinc and Peptides and much more! It is also excellent for unclogging pores and bringing skin back to a lively, healthy brightness.

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