Operating changeover instructions on how to change dies for automatic 4 head jar foil sealer

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Operating changeover instructions on how to change dies for automatic 4 head jar foil sealer
Series of wide mouth sealing machine is a new generation of sealing machine developed by our company according to the needs of the market. It adopts light, electric and gas integrated design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, strong sealing, high efficiency, simple operation and maintenance Convenient and so on. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and other industries of various plastic bottles, aluminum foil sealing, especially for large-diameter polyester bottle sealing, with moisture, leak, extend product shelf life and anti-theft security role.

Features: stainless steel and aluminum alloy production, beautiful appearance, set light, electricity, gas in one, the use of PLC control, high degree of automation, production speed, simple operation, the replacement of different caliber different height of the bottle is very convenient, Soft bottle.

First, the structure and working principle

The machine is mainly composed of rack, film supply device, film collection device, heat head, conveying and busting device, electric / gas control box. The working principle of the principle of heat composite, sealing film by the film device by the sealing film guide shaft, and then by the positioning wheel, and finally to the film device, the whole by the gear motor and pulley drive, the electrical control of the real automatic film, film collection. Bottle with the conveyor belt movement, when the bar detection photoelectric sensor switch to detect the signal, the cylinder stopped the cylinder, after the closure of the bottle, only to the front bottle to complete the closure, re-release. When the bottle is just the right position, the photoelectric sensor switch detects the signal, the conveyor belt automatically stops the delivery, the heat head under pressure, the heat sealing the bottom of the calibration circle fine-tuning bottle bit error, heat head and bottle positive position contact seal. After the set sealing time is reached, the heat head automatically rises and the conveyor belt starts to move after reset to complete the automatic sealing process.

The machine can be based on different sealing caliber and bottle height selection of different heat head, from the product caliber and height restrictions. Heat sealing temperature and sealing time can be adjusted, the seal can achieve the best results. (Equipment factory has been designed according to user requirements of the heat sealing head bottle device. If the user changes the bottle, please contact the manufacturer!)

Second, the main parameters

Three head sealing machine 01

    1. Dimension: 2000 (L) × 500 (W) × 1500 (H)
    2. Weight: about 150 kg
    3. Power supply: AC 220V 50 ~ 60Hz
    4. Power: about 700W
    5. Sealing temperature: 50 ~ 300 ℃ adjustable.
    6. Constant temperature form and deviation: automatic temperature, deviation ± 3 ℃.
    7. Air pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa
    8. Air consumption: ≤ 0.04m3 / min
    9. Production capacity: about 1800-2200 jars/hour

    10. Seal diameter: customized according to user requirements
    11. Applicable bottle size: customized according to user requirements
    12. Film material and sealing temperature

Ü PP (polyethylene): 170 ° C

Ü PE (polypropylene): 170 ° C to 200 ° C.

Ü PS (polystyrene): 180 ° C

Ü easy to tear film: 120 ℃ -180 ℃

Ü PET (polyester): 160 ° C to 200 ° C

Fourth, the operation before the installation and inspection

    1. The machine must be placed in a clean and clean environment.
    2. After the machine is in place, adjust the four adjustment nuts on the base to keep the machine level.
    3. Check that the emergency stop button on the operation panel is released.
    4. Connect the power supply AC220V to the machine and check that the equipment
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