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This kind of egg tray making machinecan produce :
(1) Agricultural pulp trays for packing of fruit, eggs and earthenware bowls
(2) Industrial pulp trays for packing of bottles, electrical appliances for the farming industry, mobile phones etc.
Our egg tray machine has four parts:Pulping system,forming system,drying line and packing parts.
Paper Pulp Making System :
Paper Pulp Making System is mainly comprised of hydrapulpter, pulp pump, multi-function refiner machine, stirrer, control cabinet,ect.
Worker feed the waste paper and water into the hydrapulper ,when the hydrapulper crush the paper into pulp then will flow into the pulp pool ,at same time workers feed some water into the pulp pool .The paper pulp will be processed by the pulp refiner machine when the proportion is ok then can start the forming machine .
Egg tray&box forming system:
This part mainly is the egg tray forming machine.We could produce the forming mould and transfering mould based on our customers request.The material of the mould could be Aluminum,Resin,Plastic.This part mainly include forming mould,transfering mould,compressor,vacuum tank,vacuum pump,self-aborsorbing pump,Air Tank etc.
When the No. 1 worker prepare the pulp ,No.2 worker will check the machine to confirm everything is ok ,the connection ,motor ,mould etc. and pre-heat the drying line .When pulp is ready then turn on the machine .At the beginning stage the worker will adjust the machine into best condition.

Drying system
This is the very important in the all of line. When the egg tray be made over by the forming machine, the egg tray will be put on the drying line by transfering mould,they will across the drying channel, then you can get the dry tray!
This part mainly includes blower,burner,chain board,electric cabinet etc
As to the drying line,we could make single drying line and multi-layer drying line(4/6) in accordance with customers’ resquest.
Packing system:
This is the last step, when we get the finished tray from the drying line, we can count them automatically and then pack them.

The Pulp Tray Machine replaces the traditional plastic foam packing materials, which caused much white pollution.
It successfully solves the white pollution caused by traditional EPS foam packing, and raises the quality of the inner lining packaging of both fruits and industrial products. It has a positive effect on the world wide call for green packaging material, and lays the basis for the export of our domestic fruits and industrial products, at the same time raising the competitiveness of the Chinese fruit and industrial on the world market.

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