How to make Homemade Flaxseed Gel: A Moisturizing styling Gel for Natural Hair.

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How to make Flaxseed Gel: Super moisturizing Gel for Shiny, Bouncy, Soft Hair.

2tbsp Flaxseed
2cups of water
2tbsp Shea butter
2tbsp olive oil
2tbsp coconut oil
1/2cups of Aloe Vera gel
3-5drops of Lavender oil.

A clean pot,
A clean bowl
A spoon& fork
A sieve
Storage jar

Add water to the pot and bring to boil. Add the Flaxseeds and boil. Stir the mixture to avoid the gel boiling over , as well as burning.

When the consistency is ok-I boil it not more than 10mins. pour the mixture into a sieve and sift with the help of the spoon[stir the mixture on the sieve to help get the gel out] .

Add the aloe vera gel while mixing with the fork, add all the other oils[melt them for easy mixing]. When thoroughly mixed, pour into the storage jar and store in the fridge. Pour the rest into a dispensing jar if you have one or if the storage jar didn’t take all the gel.

Use the gel to style your hair as u desire. Enjoy a soft shiny bouncy stronger hair.

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