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Ever wanted to know how to make a homemade water bottle bong using only common household items? Well in this video we break down how to do just this in this easy to follow tutorial video. The process consists of making a bowl out of aluminum foil, putting it into a pen, and then burning a hole in a water bottle to complete it. The water bong is a classic among home made smoking devices, and is a go to for many people who don’t have any other way to smoke. The aluminum foil portion of the bowl can be replaced a 5/8 piece from a ratchet set, which we would advise doing if you plan on using this as a long term solution. We also advise to throw out the aluminium foil after 1 smoke session, and to remake the bowl before using again. The ratchet set piece is reusable, and makes for a better bowl but not everyone will have one laying around. If you are having trouble burning a hole with a lighter try using a bottle with thicker plastic as it will take longer to burn, and wont get if really quickly like a cheaper plastic bottle will. The burning of the hole is definitely the hardest part in the video and will require a few attempts before your homemade bong is perfect. You can use tape to seal it better if the hole isn’t very clean but this can make it harder to pull the piece in and out of the hole. If you have a couple bottle to go around to practice on you can avoid the tape step and just learn how to burn the hole in the bottle correctly in a few minutes.

Let us know if this video helped you, and make sure to share the video next time some one asks you how you made your bong from a water bottle. Happy smoking.

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