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How to Dye Your Hair With Manic Panic: Official Instructions

How to Do a Patch Test:
• Select a quarter-sized area of skin behind the ear or in the inner fold of the elbow.
• Cleanse skin with mild soap and water, pat dry.
• Apply a thin coat of your specific shade of hair dye to the area and let dry.
• Leave uncovered and undisturbed for 24 hours.
• Examine the test area carefully. If there are any signs of irritation, do not use the product.

How to Do a Test Strand (Test Strip)
• Super important – see how the specific color of dye you want will show up on YOUR hair! Everyone’s hair is different.
• Select a small, 1 inch strand of hair in a hidden spot.
• Prep the strand by shampooing and fully drying it. DO NOT condition the strand – the dye will not stick.
• Comb the dye through the strand until it is frothy and evenly distributed. Wrap in tin foil or a plastic bag to protect the surrounding hair.
• Let sit at least 30 mins. Blast with heat from a blowdryer for added intensity. Rinse strand in cool water, away from face, until water runs clear.
• Dry hair and see how you like the color. At this point you may decide you need to pre-bleach your hair for different results, or choose a darker or lighter shade. Keep doing small test strips until desired results are achieved.

Things That Fade Color:
• Clarifying, deep-cleansing, or anti-dandruff shampoos
• Frequent shampooing
• Alcohol-based styling products such as certain hairsprays, gels, or mousses
• Chlorine (swimming pools)
• Saltwater
• Excessive exposure to sunlight
• Hot oil treatments

What Affects Color Outcome?
• How “light” or blonde your hair is before dyeing it
• Texture, thickness, and porosity of hair
• How thoroughly you rinsed out the bleach, if you used any before dyeing
• If your hair is “virgin,” or if it has been processed/damaged before

How To Avoid a Mess
• Put petroleum jelly around your hairline, ears, and neck to protect your skin from getting stained. But don’t get any on your hair – dye will not stick to petroleum.
• Protect floor and work surfaces with newspapers, trashbags, or old towels you don’t mind staining.
• Wear plastic gloves – some dyes will stain hands!
• Use Manic Panic® Dye Away™ Wipes to remove dye stains from skin.
• Rinse in a stainless-steel sink if possible – some colors might stain white sinks or bathtubs. Wear old clothes you don’t mind staining. Same goes for towels.

Colors that May Show Up On Dark Hair
• After Midnight®
• Enchanted Forest™
• Fuschia Shock®
• Green Envy™
• Infra™ Red
• Purple Haze®
• Raven™
• Vampire™ Red
• Vampire’s Kiss™
• Venus Envy™

Talk to Us!
IG: @manicpanicnyc
IG: @ manic_panic_style_asylum

Makeup: All cosmetics used were MANIC PANIC® brand makeup. →
MUA: Cassandra Campiz
Model: Jessica Smartnick at Sugar & Spikes Casting,
Videography: Endy Mompoint
Post Production: Endy Mompoint
Sound: T.C.M. Productions
Special Thanks: Studios L.I.C.

The “handwriting” on the slides was created with MANIC PANIC® Dye Hard Styling Gel! →

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