Homemade Fuel Injector Cleaner – How To

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There has been a follow up to this video and it is located here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRaoCtehGHk.

This project was inspired by another Youtube member. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mnA0cnXckg&feature=channel_video_title
I picked up a set of used Blue Max 1650′s and wanted to clean them before installation sooooo………

I followed the video in the link with minor adjustments. When using the larger coupler listed in the video, I could not even get the threads to drill out. I had a smaller coupler laying in the garage that worked for my injectors. I also used the drill bit one step above the 27/64 listed in the link. This is 7/16 and just seem to be easier to handle while maintaining a good seal.

Another discovery along the way is the size O-rings that you could use for upper seals. If your injectors have good seals, Why chance ripping them. A #11 O-ring serves for a great base O-ring on the top side of the injector. The #78 serves for an outstanding upper O-ring for the upper seals. You will see this demonstrated in the cleaning video.

One last VERY IMPORTANT note is YOU MUST USE A AA BATTERY FOR THE SWITCH. I started out using a AAA and had great results on the 950′s but the AAA would not open the 1650′s under pressure. After adding a AA everything worked perfect.

The injectors did measure out to be 2.3 ohms.

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