High capacity mill machine for peanut sesame almond sugar walnut garlic pepper

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High capacity mill machine for Melon seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, red dates, peanuts, walnuts, sugar, garlic, ginger, potatoes, peppers, onions, lotus root etc.

Product performance:

    Strengthen the 230 (plus frequency) sesame chopper all stainless steel
    The company according to customer demand for oil-based materials in the process of smashing the characteristics of oil, after years of research and development, repeated experiments, continuous improvement and upgrading, and thus developed the product.
    Strengthen the 230 (plus frequency) Sesame chopper All stainless steel manufacturers use high-speed steel blade blade in the form of high-speed cutting of materials, due to small and fast contact surface, so as to achieve the effect of oil.
    The machine is made of stainless steel, wear-resisting, durable, in line with food processing standards, the motor is semi-enclosed installation, dustproof, anti-scald, health and beauty, and simple, safe and reliable.
    This machine can increase the number of discs to achieve the size of crushing. Disk knife super, more fine particles; disk knife less, more coarse particles.

    Scope of application:

    Food factory, condiment factory, processing shop, kitchen, restaurant, canteen, hotel and so on.


Technical Parameters:

     Model: A-230

     Voltage: 220V / 380V

    Motor power 3KW

    Number of disc knives: 20

    Motor speed: 2800r / min

    Production output: 60-150kg / h

    Processing fineness 20-80 meshes

    Machine length 800 × width 400 × height 940 (mm)

    Machine weight: 65kg


   Instructions for use:

    1, according to different materials, adjust the number of cutters;

    2, attention to the installation of the edge of the blade and motor rotation to keep in line;

    3, if the production is not large, high fineness requirements, plus mesh processing, each installed four blades plus a screen, a total of two screens can be installed;

    4, a large amount of fineness does not require high when no need to increase the screen;

    5, in the processing of walnuts, onions, garlic, ginger, oily weight or material diameter large adjustable knife and knife spacing, reduce the number of knives.

    6, feed particle size should be less than 15 mm, larger pieces of material should be broken or chopped.


    The machine should be placed on a level ground or on a table;
    Regular inspection of the motor, circuit, belt, screws, if found loose, wear should be timely reinforcement or replacement;
    After the completion of each processing need to clean up the machine, the blade can be removed or wiped clean dry cloth to dry after installation, can be coated with oil protection.
    Blades can be ground with a whetstone.


    The machine knife blade has been cutting edge, very sharp, so the installation must pay attention to safety in use, the installation of the blade when the demolition should wear gloves to prevent cuts.

   Warranty matters
    The machine warranty for one year;
    Disk knife for the vulnerable parts, not within the warranty;
    Due to external power supply, improper voltage, improper operation, or foreign body lead to disk knife and other mechanical parts damage, not in the warranty.

    Check the voltage before turning on, and whether the steering meets the requirements of this machine.
    When the machine is in operation, it should be supervised by someone at any time. If it is found that the machine card machine, abnormal sound, etc., should immediately shut down, disconnect the power, check the machine, troubleshooting and ensure no problem before re-boot.
    After using the machine, be sure to turn off the power.
    Power cut off before they can dismantle and clean the machine, pay attention to the sharp knife and tear when washing parts, to prevent cuts.
    The machine is only suitable for chopping brittle materials, customers should ensure that the material inside the process should not contain metal, stones and other hard foreign body, or damage to disk knife, until the damage to the motor.
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