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This powder packing machine has high efficiency. It is suitable for filling and sealing kinds of powder products.
Application of instant coffee granule auto packaging machine :
Suitable for packaging of coffee , sugar , instant fruit drink soup mix condiments , cereal , oat meel , peanuts , candies , desiccant ,
loose, non adhesive and small granules of foods, medicine and chemicals, such as 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 granule packages
as soup materials, instant herbal mixture, glutamate, sugar, salt .coffee candy , detergent power etc.
Optional of instant coffee granule auto packaging machine :
1 Date printer with ribbon coder
2 Conveyor 3 Hot stamping code

Basic parameter of vertical powder filling packing machine:
Film width:320mm
Length of bag: 30-200mm
Width of bag: 40-150mm
Filling volume:17g/20g
Measure Screw rods measuring
Sealing way Back seal(three sides、four side seal)
Film thickness 0.04-0.07
Supply power 220V 50hz 2.4kw
Weight of machine 300kg

Frequent Asked Questions
1 what products can be packed by the filling machine ?
It can be used to pack powder material ,such as coffee , milk powder , cocoa powder , protein powder , detergent powder ,garlic powder , green tea powder , copper powder , yogurt powder etc .
2 If I buy the paste filling machine ,what can you do for me ?
In fact , We also provide technical training, production technics directions and production instruction when we make complete plant design and installing,
what’s more, One year warranty period ,Life-long repair is guaranteed.
The Features of Powder Packing Machine
Drive system: pneumatic system.
PLC controller(Mitsubishi)+English/Chinese display screen, easy to operate and reliable.
The horizontal sealing temperature is controlled by intelligent temperature controlling mechanism.
Automatic and reliable intelligence photocell tracking system.
The packaging speed can be adjusted continuously within specified range.
Step motor is applied in bag-making system with high precision, the error is less than 1mm.
The length of pouch/bag is adjustable.
Sealed, insulated and corrosion-proof display screen is provided.

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