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Crowdz is a global commerce platform with a local perspective. We believe in supporting the growth of local communities through commerce.

Our purpose is to create a community around commerce by building relationships not only between mobile buyers and local businesses but also from peer-to-peer.

Through Crowdz’s mobile commerce application, we are able to provide the best value on local products and services by leveraging the power of crowd buying.

The platform works by pooling together the community and developing micro economies of scale. [The more people purchase the same products as you, the more money is credited back to you. It’s that simple.]

Crowdz is the only mobile commerce platform that empowers both local residents and local businesses.

We do this through:

- Local Leaderz: A program that empowers local residents by giving them a percentage of sales from every small-medium local business that they bring to the Crowdz Marketplace.

- Crowd Buying: Opertates on the concept of economies of scale. The more people purchase a given product or service the more money you get back in your pocket.

- Rewardz: The money you get back from the power of crowd buying can be used either to donate to local charities of your choice or into future purchases – just like credit credit reward points

Some testimonies from users:

“New application that allows individuals to buy through other individuals to benefit and get a better deal”

“It is a win-win situation, we increase revenue to sellers and decrease cost of sales to buyers”

The real benefits, however, are the intangible ones we all love, like a truly personal shopping experience and the satisfaction of giving back to your community. Now imagine, all of this goodness right in the palm of your hand…that’s where Crowdz comes in.

Crowdz is a mobile commerce app that allows you to shop from local sellers in communities around the world, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

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