Boiling Down Drinking Water: Fluoride Test

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WATER TREATMENT PLANT MANUALS – (they erased the page now so I had to link to a cached version…..sneaky sneaky…)
NTEU CHAPTER 280 – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
“SILICOFLUORIDES: Unrefined Industrial Waste”

“91% of Americans ingesting artificially fluoridated water are consuming silicofluorides. This is a class of fluoridation chemicals that includes hydrofluosilicic acid and its salt form, sodium fluorosilicate. These chemicals are collected from the pollution scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer industry. The scrubber liquors contain contaminants such as ARSENIC, LEAD, CADMIUM, MERCURY, AND ****RADIOACTIVE PARTICLES**** , are legally regulated as toxic waste, and are prohibited from direct dispersal into the environment. Upon being sold (unrefined) to municipalities as fluoridating agents, these same substances are then considered a “product”, allowing them to be dispensed through fluoridated municipal water systems to the very same ecosystems to which they could not be released directly. Sodium fluoride, used in the remaining municipalities, is also an industrial waste product that contains hazardous contaminants.”

Damage To The Reproductive System -

Molecular Mechanisms of Fluoride Toxicity -

Genotoxic Evaluation of Sodium Fluoride -

Fluoride Increases Our Lead Intake -

Fluoride Associated with Hair Loss -

Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity -


I recently became interested in Fluoride. You can remove fluoride from your drinking water by distillation which basically means to boil water and then catch the vapor. I figured I would boil down my tap water completely to see what was left over once all of the water evaporated.

I was surprised at the results and started doing a bunch of comparisons……this video shows you some of the water ‘testing’ I have done by boiling it down.

I also show you a few lighting tests at the end where I compare Minneapolis Tap Water and bottled spring water from the store by shining different types of lights at it – UV Light – 850nm Infrared Light – 250 watt Metal Halide (Super White Light) -

The results will shock you.

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