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I have an UPDATE in another video but please watch this one first if you haven’t. The makers of Blue Devil HGS have changed their instructions in the past 19 months to make it look to those researching the instructions that I didn’t follow directions.

and another supportive video

Do not put this crap in your cooling system unless your car is going to quit forever very soon. In April 2011 I had a number 4 cyclinder misfire problem and used my portable digital scan reader to diagnose the problem. I proceeded to buy and use the Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealant for the problem. I followed the directions on the bottle to the letter. One of the directions was to close off the interior heater before starting the car, driving the car, and then allowing car to cool off completely before reopening the heater core, which i did. It was April and the weather turned warm and stayed that way until October. Then was when I discovered that my interior heater would not work. I went back and forth to my mechanic. I replaced the radiator and water pump. Also had several flushes and back flushes done. Finally the mechanic scrubed the cooling system hoses and block. Whiteish gray pebbles came out of this scrub job according to him. Now the heater works OK after spending almost 1K on fixing this problem. In late January 2012 I e-mail the USA Sealant Company explaining the problem, expense, and to be reimbursed. We e-mailed back and forth and talked on the phone once. The final conclusion was that they will not pay any of my expenses. I did get a refund for the bottle at the auto parts store. The clerk there did say that this product would restrict and potentially block portions of your cooling system. Buyer beware this junk.

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