Automatic vacuum sausage stuffing filling machine working with aluminum clipping machine

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Automatic vacuum sausage stuffing filling machine working with aluminum clipping machine
ZG3000 blade filling machine is filled by the vane pump, servo motor drive, touch screen display, computer control of the automatic vacuum quantitative filling machine. Equipped with automatic kink mechanism. It can be used for the manufacture of natural casings, such as meat, sausage, ham and other casing products, but also suitable for natural casings collagen casing, fiber casings and other parts of the kink. Can also be used with filling a variety of bottles of boxed products. The local part of the quantitative accuracy of up to ± 5 grams, the transfer material is soft, and filling speed, kink speed, kink number, each weight can be adjusted. The machine is filling in a vacuum state to reduce the fat oxidation of the material, to avoid protein hydrolysis, to ensure that the original meat structure. The machine hopper can be turned to make cleaning more convenient.

The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, the key components are specially treated, durable wear, the control part is imported components, the appearance of advanced surface treatment, nice, compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, with security Device, is the ideal equipment for meat processing industry.

The main technical parameters:

1. Production capacity: 3000Kg / H

2. Fractional speed: 75g over 200 parts / min

3. Quantitative accuracy: ± 5g

4. Number of turns: 1-10 turns

5. Work center height: 1000mm

6. Bucket volume: 150L or 280L

7. Torsion tube: φ15 φ20

8. Filling tube standard: φ20 mm φ33mm φ40mm

9. Total power: 4KW

10. Power: 380V

11. The machine weight: 390 kg

The clipping machine and all kinds of filling machine can be used online to form an automated production line.

The clipping machine can be installed K1 K2 K3 K4 four specifications of the mold, can be selected φ2.1, φ2.45, φ2.7 or φ2.9, φ3.2 disk aluminum wire.

The clipping machine can be equipped with double filling tube, greatly improving the productivity of production staff.

The clipping machine with aluminum plate directly forming, low prices. Button for the heart of the deduction, deduction of beautiful, tightly sealed, long shelf life of the product.

The clipping machine with automatic cutting function, 1 to 999 arbitrary choice.

   The punching machine uses advanced centralized oil supply system, so that the rotation and sliding parts can be timely and adequate lubrication, greatly improving the life of the transmission parts.

The main technical parameters

1. Center high: 1000mm adjustable

2. Production speed: stand-alone up to 100 times / min

3. Motor: Japan Yamano servo motor

Maximum speed 1500r / min Power 3Kw

4. Power: ~ 220V or 380V50Hz

5. Gas source: working pressure 0.5 ~ 0.6 Mpa consumption of 0.3 cubic meters

6. Mold: K1 K2 K3 K4 four specifications

7. Applicable disk aluminum: K1-φ2.1 K2-φ2.45 K3-φ2.7 or φ2.9 K4-φ3.2

8. Applicable casing: a variety of nylon film, nylon composite film, PVDC film.

9. The mold corresponding to the casing diameter:
K1-18 ~ 35mm K2-25 ~ 65mm K3-55 ~ 100mm K4-85 ~ 120mm

10. Dimension: 1520X900X1500mm

11. Machine weight: about 400Kg

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