A makeup mirror caused a burn through an aluminum window frame

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I am sharing this from a family member. I hope you read the scenario and check your house for similar issues. “Thru a series of seemingly random acts, I recently narrowly missed burning my house down. I wanted to briefly share with you so you can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

I came home from work and found a horrible burn in the aluminum window frame where a good 3 inches of the frame was melted (my first thought was the cleaning crew had put out a cigar or something on the frame in retribution for all the dog hair they had to clean up from my beagles). I could NOT figure out what had happened! There is no electrical outlet near the window, and the burn was only on the inside. I took pictures and video for insurance purposes. I was completely freaked out and quite frankly ready to move.

It was while looking at the video later that evening, when I realized what had happened. In the last six months, I have been using a magnifying mirror when (if?) I apply make- up in the morning. It is located on a desk next to an east facing window. That morning I left the blinds open. Apparently,this time of the year, the sun hits my window at such an angle that it aimed directly at my magnifying mirror, which produced a directed beam into the
frame of the window. The result was pretty terrifying. If had it burned a little longer, the curtains could have caught on fire ultimately potentially burning down the house.

Please to be careful when having any mirrors or reflecting devices in the line of sight of windows!

When I sent this out at work, I got emails back saying it can happen with reading glasses also!”

Please share!

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