2014 Camaro Oil Change and new O ring on cap.

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2014 Camaro oil change. Nothing special just do not over tighten (strip) the drain plug and tighten oil filter cap also reset the oil life indicator to 100%. If you have the engine cover on and remove the oil cap make sure no small rocks or dirt get into the oil fill tube.
I change the oil about every 3500 miles or when the life indicator is around 50%. I use synthetic 5W 30 oil with 2dexos. I buy AC oil and air filters online from a OE Warehouse company, that ships free with orders of $25. They have low prices, lower than EBay or Amazon.
I always write down all maintenance done, mileage and date of work done on my cars.
This worked for me and you may find a different way that works for you. Buy a repair manual and you figure out how to repair your car.
I buy oil in 5 quart containers because it is less expensive than single quarts. When filling the first quart, pour in some, set container on level ground then add more till one quart is added.
My friend bought a new Ford truck, the dealer warranted it and gave him free synthetic oil changes but nothing really is free. His dealer changes the oil at 3000 miles. If the dealer has to pay for repairs the oil changes are at 3000 miles and if the customer has to pay for repairs then oil changes are around 7000 miles…Interesting.

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