10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

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top 10 amazing facts you should know about common thins but probably don’t
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There are so many small aspects of our everyday lives that we all take for granted. We’ve all seen videos about life hacks, where things are repurposed in a new and awesome way. But now we’re talking about just properly utilizing the things that we probably should have figured out by now. For instance, we’ll tell you how you can tell which side of the car your gas cap is on, without getting out to look. If you’re easily embarrassed, you’ll definitely want to hear this trick. And there’s a little device that affects your safety in a big way when you stop to fuel up. It’s on the gas pump, and you won’t believe you’ve never noticed it before. While you’re on the road, we bet you have been missing the extra bit of information on every green highway sign you’ve ever driven past. We’ll also tackle some of the most common cloth items with pockets we’ve never been able to explain. They look too small to hold anything worthwhile, but yet garment companies persist in adding them. From pondering panties to debating denim, we’ll get to the bottom of those pesky pockets. You’ve heard of childproof medicine bottles, but have you ever heard of one that can be un-childproofed? There’s a good chance you have one such bottle in your bathroom already. When it comes to tidying up, two little tabs can make all the difference in the way you dispense your aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

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