【Micmachinery】(Rotary Type)32-32-10 glass bottle filling machine aluminum cap filling granular

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MIC32-32-10 triple machine filling granular, filling wine and aluminum capping in one, is on the base of introducing, digesting and absorbing germany advanced technology.

It is mainly used for rice wine, granular wine, energy drink, soda water, sparkle drinks, soft drinks, beer, cola, wine and other beverages containing gas washing bottle, filling and capping. Its structure is advanced, stable, reliable, safe operation, convenient maintenance, the use of frequency conversion speed control, high production efficiency, is the ideal equipment for small and medium sized beverage factory.

The production process of the machine are as follows: conveyor chain and triple a machine directly connected, bottles by conveyor chain through a screw into bottle shifting wheel by shifting the bottle star wheel transfer to three synthetic filling machine, into the filling machine of the bottle by retaining the bottom of the bottle holder.

The whole machine equipment adopts a closed window, and the sealing window height is higher than the highest point of the equipment, and there is a proper passage in the bottle.

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