Popular Design for Aluminum Jar JRD-30 to Manchester Importers

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  • Underwater explosions using Dry Ice, and Liquid Nitrogen, and captured in high definition slow motion.

    Hey guys, Backyard Scientist here. I this video I throw water bottles filled with dry ice, and liquid nitrogen into my pool. This is seriously cool. The resulting explosions are earth-shaking powerful.

    I was curious to see what would happen to a human if they were underwater when this happened, so I fixed a couple balloons to a weight underwater. The explosion compresses the gas inside the balloon, in a similar way to how a depth charge affects a submarine.

    I read all my comments, but sometimes I miss a few! If you need help with a project you are welcome to email me :)

    On my Facebook, G+, and Twitter page I post questions, polls, and sneak peeks into my next video. Im always looking for my fans input!


    Twitter: @ChemicalKevy


    See you next week!

    If you try this at home, here are a few tips.
    1. Don’t just guess your weight is heavy enough to hold down the bottle. Test it first.
    2. Dry ice filled water bottles will explode fast. Like less than 10 seconds fast.
    3. Liquified gasses will take longer to explode, around 3 minutes. never never never approach a bottle under pressure. get a bb-gun, or a long stick with a nail on the end to detonate it if you have problems.
    4. Don’t do this above ground if you want to stay friends with your neighbors. Above ground it sounds like a bomb just went off. because it did.

    ecycler explores the many ways to “crush” an aluminum can. In this episode, our can gets stomped as we prepare a case–that’s twelve empty bottles–for our artist friend. She has a way with candles…

    Visit http://ecycler.com/ and start recycling online.

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