Popular Design for Aluminum Jar JRD-20 to Mecca Factories

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Popular Design for Aluminum Jar JRD-20 to Mecca Factories Detail:

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Popular Design for
 Aluminum Jar JRD-20 to Mecca Factories detail pictures

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  • 1Automatic Pucking
    Pucking unit insert the containers into pucks automatically.

     This is a rotary unit, Cans and pucks enter to the rotary turret at different position.

     Cans are placed on to the input conveyor which transfer the cans into the turret. Pucks

    from output conveyor of the depucking unit enters into the pucking turret online


     Turret contains 8 pockets, also unit consist 8 shafts which is mounted exactly below all

    pockets and it is also moves along with pockets.

     A mechanical cam is provided at bottom and it is designed in such a way that shaft

    moves in up word direction gradually.

     As shaft moves it slowly starts to push the pucks from dead plate onto the cans , after

    travelling certain distance cans completely inserted into pucks, can with pucks are

    transferred into the turntable.

     Interlocks are provided so that machine starts and stops automatically.

    2 Turn Table
    This Unit will automatically feed the empty cans to the conveyor at the required feed


     Operator need to place the cans at regular intervals.

     This unit have round dish of which rotates continuously and it leaves the container to

    conveyor through guided track.

     The different diameter and height cans can be placed this unit as there will be no

    problem for change parts according to customer requirement.

     There is also platform for easy feeding of cans this unit will be controlled by Electrical

    Control Panel.

     Interlocks are provided so that machine starts and stops automatically.

    3Filling Machine
    The Unit consist 12 Syringes with 12 nozzles.

     The capacity of the syringe is as per customer requirement.

    AEROSOL LINE Page 8 of 23

     These Syringes operates mechanically, there are two Flameproof sensors one is

    for to start the machine and another for stop the machine in overload condition.

     At a time 12 cans will be hold during filling mechanically through cams.

     Nozzle height is adjustable according to the height of cans also amount of liquid

    filling to the cans can be adjustable.

     Diversion system is also provided so before filling first nozzle comes down and after

    filling nozzle goes back to the original position through pneumatic cylinder.

     Clutch is provided to stop the machine automatically in overload situation.

    4Manual Valve Placement and Crimping Machine
    The Filled cans will take in this machine for crimping.

     Valves are placed manually on Cans.

     At first indexing valves will be placed manually.

     At second indexing station Pre crimping unit set the valve properly inside the


     In third indexing final Crimping will takes place this crimping unit operates through

    pneumatic cylinders.

     Crimping head first centre the cans and then crimping takes place.

     Crimping Diameter and Height can be adjusted by setting the Crimping Collet.

     After Crimping the cans will release through output conveyor to next station.

    5Auto Gassing Machine
    This unit consist two Pneumatic indexing table with two turrets both units operates


     After Crimping diversion unit is placed on conveyor which leaves equal amount of

    cans into both indexing units.

     After Crimping the cans pass to Gassing unit through Radius Conveyor, Gassing unit

    operates through complete Pneumatic system.

     Turrets operates by Pneumatic Indexer, at required indexing stations gassings heads

    are placed which operates when can sense the roller vale.

     Gassing head fill the required amount of gas into the cans through booster pump and

    the amount of gas filling is adjustable.

     The amount of gas is filled to the can is equally distributed to all heads, i.e. amount of

    gas is divided by number of nozzles.

    6Coding unit
    It is a linear type platform.

     It carries pucks with B section V belt.

     At certain distance cavity is provided at this point inkjet head is mounted with a sensor.

     When sensor sense the product inkjet head operates

    7Water Bath
    After coding cans pass to the input turret of water bath unit, this is a rotary unit contains

    main turret and one input as well as output turret.

     While cans moving in input turret an arrangement has provided by which Grippers will

    hold the cans and carries cans to the water tank for leak testing purpose.

     Holders are placed at required pitch and mounted in chain, this chain moving

    continuously inside the tank.

     The routing of the chain is designed in such a way that can is dipped inside the water

    up to 180 seconds.

     After leak checking cans will be dropped at output turret, this turret transfers the cans

    to the output conveyor.

    8 Auto Actuator pressing and Inner Placement

    10 Depucking Unit

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