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  • I spent like 20 minutes doing crap with this wheel but then I felt like I was burning too much time and had to quit the stress test, edit & post the vid, then move on with other things. At this point, I am unsure how long this wheel will last until it’s useless.

    Edit 2017: I am still using the first disc. ( I don’t use it often, but I did use it to clear the mortar from between granite slabs (120 sq ft) used as flooring, 220 square feet of mortar between granite 1′x1′ tiles, and 200 sq ft of mortar between 1′x1′ marble tiles)

    I prefer diamond discs to aluminum oxide discs, because they seem so much easier to work with. I HATE having to be careful not to snap an aluminum oxide disc. Admittedly, I don’t recall having used a fiberglass reinforced one with a dremel.

    This pack of 10 discs + axle thingy was 8.99 USD shipped as of june 2013. It was purchased from ebay store THK Diamond Tools, located in asia. Shipping took a while so if you’re in a hurry (then use a better fucking tool than a goddamn dremel!)

    I’ve owned 2x craftsman dremels which both died. This is a 300 series Dremel brand dremel and it hasn’t died yet. Purchased used for $7. That makes the discs more expensive than the tool :( :( :(

    I hope you’ve found my effort to be valuable to your life!

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