High Definition For Aluminum bottles AB-300L for US Factory

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  • Rubber band Powered Pop Bottle Car. If you have a question it is probably worth reading this video description first because the answer may already be here.

    Main Components
    2 litre pop bottle (Chassis)
    4 CDs or DVDs (Wheels)
    Wooden spoon (Drive axle)
    Wooden skewer (Front axle)
    8 plastic bottle tops (Wheel hubs)
    Rubber bands (Engine power)

    Craft knife
    Hot Glue Gun
    or suitable glue to stick plastic bottle tops to CDs
    Sharp pointed tool to make holes
    Scissors or snips

    There are two things that usually slow this type of car down. First is making the holes too small for the axles to go through the bottle so you get friction slowing it down. Second is making the axles too short so the wheels rub the side of the bottle again causing friction. Make sure there is a gap between the wheel and the bottle. If you cut some very short lengths of plastic drinking straw you can use them as spacers between the wheels and the bottle making sure they keep apart.

    How to put a brake on this car? https://youtu.be/b3R35C49MSI

    Some help files
    Making the CD wheels https://youtu.be/ZRrjBuWfmrM
    CD Wheels with Cardboard Hubs https://youtu.be/Js1rtn2IGTE
    Putting rubber tyres on CDs https://youtu.be/ZnuPnveCbxs
    Connecting rubber bands https://youtu.be/EbYuhdwknbs
    Connecting the band to the axle https://youtu.be/0wPYxloUFJQ

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    Rubber Band Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_band
    Size 64 rubber band measure 3 1/2″x 1/4″x 1/32″ or 89mm x 6mm
    Rubber Band Powered Car 1 x size 64 – full length video https://youtu.be/pIO3FiHX4Oc?list=PLA5a2xPRSrB3g5RiX8Kf_uUBOL0Tb7AS0
    Other People’s Rubber Band Cars https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA5a2xPRSrB0dbQ1TpU4qJx4m85zK7MFa

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    Pan Galactic Albatross Track 3 from Stoo Smith’s Album Adjective Animal


    I have Stoo’s written permission to use his copyright music in my videos.

    This video covers etching circuit boards with a mixture of muriatic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This is an alternative to using ferric chloride.

    These are common chemicals that can be found in most hardware stores along with the super market and drugstores. Please take a moment and read the disclaimer in the video.

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