Factory made hot-sale Aluminum tins AC-100 to Denmark Factories

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  • Building a simple Waste oil Burner to run on used Vegetable WVO or motor oil. Please like, share and see the other vids on my channel.
    This video shows step by step how easy it is to construct a waste oil burner capable of Burning any flammable liquid. For the safety zealots and assorted whingers, this is a vid on how to build a waste oil burner, not how to weld or use the tools. Please only comment on this if you have a vid of your own to demonstrate how you do things different.

    The burner is made from an old fire extinguisher bottle and some old exhaust pipe. The waste oil inlet was a bit of metal fuel line I hacked out of a scrap car body. The burner as shown is simply 2 holes cut in the bottle and the 2 pieces of exhaust cut and welded in. a hole is drilled in the inlet pipe and the metal fuel line is inserted and the oil is simply blown in with the air.
    The dimensions of the individual components are unimportant as the design is very tolerant. All that neds to be borne in mind is there needs to be some swirling of the air inside of the burner and to pre heat it.

    Please feel free to comment or hit the like button if you found the video helpful.

    How to apply Permatex Copper Spray-a-Gasket:

    1. Before you begin make sure your work area is well ventilated.
    2. Wear gloves when applying spray.
    3. Make sure surface is free of dirt, oil and grease.
    4. Shake can vigorously for one minute. Make sure to store can at room temperature. Hold can 6-10 inches from the surface. Depress nozzle in short bursts.
    5. DO NOT hold nozzle for too long or it will become clogged.
    6. Spray both size of gasket. Keep shaking frequently between sprays.
    7. Apply 2 coats. Wait 30 seconds between coats.
    8. NEVER spray the can directly into the engine compartment or into the engine.
    9. Be sure both surfaces are completely coated. Allow solvant to evaporate before application.
    10. After applying gasket, turn can upside down and spray briefly to clear the nozzle.

    Permatex Copper Spray-a-Gasket is a fast-drying, metallic copper sealant that helps dissipate heat, prevents gasket burnout and improves heat transfer. It fills minor surface irregularities, seals instantly and fills hot spots and surface imperfections. It has a temperature range of -50°F to 500°F (-45°C to 260°C) and resists all types of automotive fluids, especially gasoline.

    For more information on Permatex Copper Spray-a-Gasket, please visit: https://www.permatex.com/products/gasketing/gasket-sealants/permatex-copper-spray-a-gasket-hi-temp-sealant/

    Please call 1-87PERMATEX (1-877-376-2839) or fax 1-800-432-2067 with any questions or comments.

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